Nettle-Eyebright cat pink eye drops herbal treatment

All natural herbal Nettle-Eyebright cat pink eye drops remedy
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When your pet has cat pink eye, it feels pretty miserable. And, as has already been mentioned, cat conjunctivitis can also be dangerous and cause permanent damage to the affected eye or eyes. The condition needs to be treated as soon as possible.

If your cat’s conjunctivitis is a result of allergens, irritants, or trauma, the condition can be treated with Nettle-Eyebright Cat Pink Eye Drops. In most cases, this type of feline pink eye can be treated successfully at home, without consulting a veterinarian.

Even if your cat’s pink eye is caused by a contagious virus, treating it with the all natural herbal drops of Nettle-Eyebright will relieve the pain and itching and reduce the swelling and discharge in the eyes.

This in turn helps to keep the pink eye virus from getting into the other eye or to other pets or animals, including humans. It also prevents your cat from damaging it’s eyes even more by rubbing or clawing at it.

The soothing drops provide quick relief, helping to alleviate pain and itching. Because the eye is bathed in lacrimal fluid and contains many blood vessels, it has the capability to heal quickly.

If you apply Nettle-Eyebright cat pink eye drops at the first sign of conjunctivitis, your pet will be well on its way to healing. If the cat’s pink eye has made it extra-sensitive to light, you might want to keep your pet in a dimly lit room until the conjunctivitis heals.

Nettle-Eyebright cat pink eye drops were created by a naturopathic veterinarian, using natural herbal ingredients. The product is perfectly safe, even for chronic pink eye. It’s also effective and carries a 90 day money-back guarantee from Pet Wellbeing.

Nettle-Eyebright for cats pink eye dropsNettle-Eyebright is a natural supplement that treats cat pink eye, and it also supports overall eye health. The product was developed by doctors and has been used successfully by many veterinarians and pet owners. Since it’s an herbal remedy, made without the use of chemicals, no side effects have been reported.

Nettle-Eyebright cat conjunctivitis drops will provide much-needed relief for your cat. The product will help ease the pain, itching, and inflammation of the conjunctiva and eyelids and will also reduce the amount of discharge.

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This soothing relief is very important. When a feline is suffering from cat pink eye, it will often paw at its eyes, possibly causing damage. This pawing action can also spread any bacterial or viral infections, making it possible for other cats and animals to be infected.

Nettle-Eyebright cat pink eye drops are easy to use, and they act quickly. Because they were created by a naturopathic veterinarian, you know the drops are safe and effective. You can even get free overnight shipping, plus don’t forget about the 90 day money-back guarantee!