Common cat pink eye questions and answers

Even though cat pink eye is a relatively common problem, many pet owners get confused about the facts of it. Most have many questions about feline conjunctivitis but don’t know where to find the answers.

So I thought I would put together a page that list all the most common questions and answers about cat pink eye. These include the common symptoms, the many different things that can cause cat pink eye, how to treat it, if it is contagious and lots more.

I also included some questions and answers that many may not think about but which can be helpful and important to know. That way if your kitty ever does get feline conjunctivitis, you’ll be better prepared about what to do.

Common cat pink eye questions and answers

What is pink eye?
Pink eye is the inflammation of the conjunctiva – the thin membrane that covers the eyeball and the inside of the eyelids.

Is cat pink eye and feline conjunctivitis the same thing?
Yes. Pink eye is the common term most people use, while feline conjunctivitis is the clinical term.

What causes pink eye?
Pink eye can be caused by something getting in the eye, like sand, dirt, or other foreign particles. It can also be caused by allergies and infections.

What are the symptoms of feline conjunctivitis?
Common symptoms include swelling of the eyes and eyelids, a pink or red color around the eyes and on the whites of the eye itself. The eyes may produce excessive tears or ooze mucus, and may or may not itch or hurt.

Are both eyes always affected?
No. it’s possible for only one eye to be affected, especially if the cause is an injury or physical irritant. In the case of bacterial or viral infections, pink eye almost always affects both eyes because of its highly contagious nature.

Is cat pink eye contagious?
If the condition was caused by infection or virus, cat pink eye can be extremely contagious. It can spread from one eye to the other, and from one pet to another. Not just to other cats but to any other animal.

Can a person get pink eye from a cat?
YES! If the feline conjunctivitis is caused by an infection or virus any other animal can get it, including people. Just like you can get rabies or many other viruses from an animal, humans can get pink eye from a cat if it’s the contagious kind.

Can cat pink eye cause permanent damage?
Yes. In extreme cases, it can cause blindness.

At what point should I take my cat to the vet?
If your cat’s pink eye doesn’t clear up after 7 days of treatment, consult your veterinarian. If you see blood or a real cut or puncture of the eye, get to your Vet immediately.

Are there natural treatments for cat pink eye?
Yes. For cat pink eye caused by allergies, injuries, or foreign particles, Nettle-Eyebright cat pink eye drops are a safe and effective herbal treatment. For cat conjunctivitis due to an infection or virus it will sooth the pain and itch, reduce the swelling and help to avoid spreading the virus.